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How is my page any different from any other webmaster exploiting ladies?

I really haven't gotten hit with too many of this question, because you, my fam, know the deal. I ain't about that. Yes, I have a massive collection of women, just like the next brutha who is trying to show his favorite dime/honey/chic/philly. However, there is a reason behind everything I do and I usually preface that before you see the page's content. I'm simply trying to get every Black man and woman to appreciate beauty and the goddess within Black females. It's something that's somewhat of a hidden pearl, and now I feel it's my duty to expose that to the world. Some may think I'm a hypocrite because of my nude intro pic or some pictures where some ladies are showing a lil' extra (i.e. my Swimmies Page) or in some suggestive pose. It doesn't faze me one bit, because we are sexual beings and there is nothing wrong with being sexual. The only problem is when it's not in the right context. But rest assured, you will never see my pictures go to straight out pornography, because I think there's enuff of that on the net. It's so ill to go them pages and see women getting disrespected calling them hoes, whores, bitches, and sluts, or being referred to by a name of their anatomy. That really pisses me off, cuz these women have sold their souls just for a couple of dollars. I don't ever want you to come away from my page calling a girl that from a glance at my pictures. I want you to come away with the utmost respect and appreciation for the beauty of the Black woman. Lord knows it's surely underappreciated and underexposed in this society. The purpose of all my pages is simply to get away from slave like mentalities and learn to love yourself. This is a revolution of the mind and it shall not be televised.

What's the purpose of my women pages? To just let bruthas get their rocks off? Of course not- to show America that the heavily commercialized European views of beauty is not a standard to judge all races of women. All women have a certain beauty that makes them unique. However, we as people need to appreciate the women of our culture. For generations we have been told that beauty can not be a product of a darker complexed race. The voluptuous lips, curly/kinky hair, broad noses, the assortment of Chocolate complexions (no pun intended), and etc (you know some other thangs), are nothing to frown about. This makes us unique and thus sets us apart from other cultures. I hope these pages of beautiful Black women makes us realize that being Black is not a curse, but a true and unadulterated blessing!!!

There is something about a Black Woman that I can I dig, besides them being in a bathing suit of course. A Black Woman is someone that can not be matched by anyone. She is my true and ultimate soul mate, thus is no other one I can even concieve being with. Very unique from others (her body, talk and disposition) she is sometimes almost crucified for her characteristics. Her aura is one that has been here since the beginning of time. She has been through trials and tribulations that no other woman can fathom, yet her backbone is strong as steel. She's the foundation in which society builds on. Of course she doesn't get props for it. One day more than Black men will appreciate her, the world will appreciate her.

A Taste of Henderson...

2001 National Champs
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NCAA Football National Champs 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001.


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