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Feel me...

If your woman has a group of gossiping friends, you'll want to make sure that you're on top of her A-list. Why should you be so concerned? Women kiss, and most usually tell -- with great accuracy if you're a great lover, or great cruelty if you're not.
What am I talking about? I'm talking about being the best lover that she regrets losing; an ex-lover that she keeps coming back to because her current mate is nowhere close to the passionate lover you are; the lover that no woman would ever leave for another man -- unless he's really rich; or the yearned for lover inside her circle of friends.

That's right boys, if you play your cards right, you'll have women walking their dogs in front of your bachelor pad, hoping to see your lights on. Because once you earn the trademark of a great lover -- a unicorn -- women will cherish your presence forever.

a little touch

The only way of achieving this is by taking advantage of other men's natural laziness and do all the things a woman desires, but has never experienced because her lovers were too flaky.

Aside from being a skilled lover, the secret ingredient required to jump up a level from a good lover to a unicorn lover, is to spontaneously mix a little fun and games into the sexual formula. Let me tell you about Sunshine, my most precious lover to date.

passion enlightens the soul

Everything about this woman was beautiful; her hair was a silky black color that always smelled like fresh strawberries, her soft skin reminded me of the taste of sweet vanilla, and her warm brown eyes always found a way to enlighten my soul.

Everything about Sunshine was passionate, from her views about life, to her loyalty, to her tender kisses, to her orgasms. I never met a woman that brought out so much passion within me. And on one particular rainy late afternoon, I decided that I would repay the favor.

the shopping list

For this particular night, it was going to be an all-night affair; hence, I would require multiple props to assist me with pleasuring my passionflower. Here's a sample of some of the props I played with:

24 candles (white)

24 candleholders or saucers

Music (at least 2- 4 CDs; (Gerald LeVert,Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye)

A new silk robe (black)

Her favorite beverage (champagne for the lady)

Her favorite fruit (strawberries of course)

4 notes

1 chair

Bubble bath

Massage oil

2 blindfolds



An angel bell

Yes, I know it's a long list, but like I said, it's going to be a long night... a very long night.

let the game begin

During the day, I called Sunshine's work and left a message with her secretary stating, "Please be home today at 7pm sharp, Henderson." At that point, I began my game.

At around 6:45pm, I lit all the candles in the house and prepared all the arrangements so that everything would flow smoothly. At 6:57pm, I turned all the lights off, turned the stereo system on to the first CD (Gerald LeVert), and waited for my lover.

At 7:10pm, she finally opened the door -- okay, I'll admit she never could be on time -- to find all the lights in the house turned off and each room lit up with candles.

The first candle that Sunshine came across had a little note that read, "Follow the lights." The trail led from one room to another: first to the living room, then the bathroom, and finally the bedroom.

Filled with anticipation and excitement, Sunshine followed the trail to the living room and found a glass of champagne on ice, along with a note that said, "Quench your thirst, but don't be too long since a journey awaits and I am at the end."

After a few glasses of champagne -- luckily I left the bottle in an ice bucket for refills -- Sunshine resumed her journey and followed the trail to the bathroom.

There she found a warm bath with some bath salts and lotions. Next to the bath was a chair with a box on it and a note that read, "Relax and take a load off, jump into the tub and freshen yourself up. When you're done, please stay in the tub, ring the angel bell, and your servant will enter."

oh lover, where are you?

After about 30 minutes -- talk about taking her sweet time while I waited in hormonal anticipation -- the angel bell rang 3 times. I entered the bathroom with only a white towel around my waist and a blindfold in my right hand.

I gently tied the blindfold around Sunshine's eyes, ensuring that she could not peak through. Then I smoothly joined her in the bathtub, sitting behind her -- yes it was tight, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Sunshine slowly brought her hand behind to feel my iron rod, and she accidentally let a moan escape from her lips to let me know that she was satisfied. In return, and to show my appreciation, I began to kiss the soft and moist skin on her back.

While massaging her tender neck, I whispered sweet erotic words like, "How do you feel knowing that you're about to be penetrated by a man who loves you?" Obviously, this made Sunshine's imagination run wild, and she began to breathe heavily.

This went on for about 20 minutes, until she turned her head back towards me and whispered, "Make love to me" -- well not really, actually she said "Fu*k me," but I'll keep it romantic. Of course, being a man, I don't have to tell you how much I appreciated her raw honesty (wink, wink).

How do you think I satisfied Sunshine? 
So I instructed her to stand up and keep the blindfold on. First, like a gentleman of course, I toweled off her body, then I opened the box that was on the chair in order to take the silk robe, and placed it over her temple -- that's her body for all you slow guys.

the candles still burn

The two of us followed the last trail of candles back to her bedroom, and when we entered, we both smelled the aphrodisiac scent of patchouli incense mixed with candles that naturally lit the room.

Sunshine turned towards me and whispered, "My room smells like you, it smells like sweet sex." But I did not respond to her comments. Instead, I put my finger on her lips and whispered, "Shhh, don't say a word."

I took her by the hand and led her to the bed, where a towel lay over her white silk sheets. I asked her to lie on her stomach, while I tenderly sat on her buttocks.

pleasure from the #1 lover

It was time for the ultimate treat: a full body massage. I let a few drops of massage oil drip onto her, and started to massage her back. I worked the oil through her entire body, first with her shoulders, then her neck, then to her midsection, then to her lower back, and finally, to her thighs.

Once her whole body was slathered with oil, I poured the remaining oil onto my body so that we could both glide together without friction. I removed myself from her body and backed up behind her. Like a magnet, my head lowered down to her portal of pleasure.

While my hands spread her legs opened, my tongue led the way to her sweet smell, and soft pink lower lips. As my tongue gently probed her inner walls, Sunshine slowly lifted her buttocks in order to give me greater access.

I took my time and really explored every inch of her flower. I licked and kissed her softly, and even used my whole mouth to suck her sweet juice; only after a couple of orgasms did I stop for a breath. At this point, Sunshine was willing to do just about anything as she was aching to feel my manhood inside her.

thrust your lover

After pleasing her so kindly, I told Sunshine to turn over and lie on her back. Then I asked her to trust me as I handcuffed her hands to the bedposts -- another good reason for having a bed with posts.

I walked over to the stereo and turned up the volume. I reached over for the second blindfold and placed it around my eyes. Then I felt my way to her blindfold and set her eyes free.

I could tell by her deep breathing that she was both impressed and further aroused by the environment (music, candles and so on), as well as seeing me blindfolded.

I leaned forward and lay down over her body. My mission was simple: to explore every inch of her body without using my eyes, but rather my lips, mouth and hands.

I drove her crazy...

tongue in lips

While my tongue gently caressed her nipples, my oiled hands massaged her breasts, and my body firmly rubbed against her oiled body. This went on for well over an hour; I even used a feather to tickle her skin to the point of no return.

Even though I could not see her, it was so sweet to hear Sunshine reach orgasm from the touch of a feather and my tongue. At this point, I felt my iron rod heating up with the oil, and it was so hard that I felt it wanting to rip out of my soft skin.

Without using my hands, my soldier found his way into Sunshine's portal of love, and the feeling was unexplainable as I came to realize how anticipation and resistance could heighten a man's orgasm. With each thrust, I felt as if I was seeing colors, especially when Sunshine tightly wrapped her legs around my back.

After my first orgasm, I released Sunshine from her handcuffs and fed her strawberries dipped in sugar and chocolate. As I filled her stomach, she filled my ego by explaining that she had never had such wild sex like that before. And after all this talk, Sunshine very happily reciprocated the appreciation by lowering herself onto my soft penis.

It only took a few seconds of massaging and tongue licking before I achieved a full erection again. Once erect, Sunshine got on top of me in a squatting position, and started to lower and lift herself over me. Only our genitals made contact, and for one reason or another the loss of control and the intensity of my orgasm made tears run down my face.

After 5 rounds of pure, passionate sex, jumping around from one position to another, and taunting and teasing one another, I confessed to Sunshine that I overestimated my stamina, and that I did not think I would last the entire night.

But Sunshine took care of me by going down on me each time to ensure an erection, and by the end of the evening -- or should I say beginning of dawn -- Sunshine and myself had gone for well over 9 rounds, and let's just say the last round had no ending in sight...

everything comes to an end

Unfortunately, our relationship did not last nearly as long as our ninth round...Sunshine did come to regret her decision of leaving me and returned to me several times for a passionate checkup. But I refused her sexual advances -- after all, rejection is the greatest aphrodisiac. I still get calls from her today asking me back, claiming that I was her greatest lover and no one will ever compare to me. Isn't life coming up sweet?

May God Bless You...