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69 Wayz

Welcome to my Page of Love Romance and Seduction.  If you like candlelight, romantic dinners, moonlight strolls, seductive boat rides, rides in the tunnel of love and picnics, then you have came to the right spot.

Romance is a topic that has been of interest since the beginning of civilized man. As soon as men started romancing the ladies, they needed to learn the art of seduction. Therefore, stories of Romance and Seduction became popular. If you are interested in learning more about either topic, I would offer you the option of reading the Golden Rules and Principles of the 69 steps.

Goin' South....all the things your man won't do


69 Step Approach


I do not believe that the 69 Step Approach should be used outside of a loving relationship. It is very possible to abuse the technique. Even though some people use these steps to achieve selfish objective, I strongly disapprove. Please be aware that if these steps are used outside of a secure relationship, it could do very serious damage. If you don't care for your partner, WALK AWAY.

I welcome e-mail from any other advocates of the 69 steps. If you are a student of the discipline and feel that I have given out incorrect information, please send me an e-mail. I am attempting to share the philosophy as accurately as possible, but in the most simply terms.

The major objective of the 69 step approach is to reach the 69th step. This step is defined as a woman who is experiences a cluster of at least 3 multiple orgasms. Each of these multiple orgasm should be made up no less than 3 back to back orgasms with each one becoming stronger than the last with no more than 30 seconds between them.

The 69 Step Approach is a philosophy and a discipline that is dedicated to allowing a woman to reach the highest levels of pleasure possible. This philosophy requires the male to maintain a high degree of disciple and control. A typical session will last around 3 to 4 hours. If both parties are experienced, the time can be reduced. However, the bottom line is that this approach is not QUICK.

Since the male's pleasure comes only in the end, the male should go into the session knowing that this session is for her. The male has to remember that the 69 Steps were developed for the WOMAN. It was meant for times when it is HER night. Each piece of the 69 steps was designed around the woman's plateaus and pleasure cycles. Even though the 69 steps are for the woman, a man that takes a woman through the steps will reap many future rewards. After a woman has traveled the journey, she learns herself and can experience pleasures in an entirely different way. She tends to include some of the lessons learned into her own style. The other way that a male can gain from these steps is in pay back. A lot of women feel a debt for the pleasure that they received from their partner. They will often return the favor.

The 69 Step Approach was really misnamed. The steps are not actually a list of actions that will bring a woman to pleasure. The steps are actually a series of "states of being" or "key guideposts" toward the goal. It assumes that a Woman's Mental, Emotional and Physical sides are inter linked and uses input from each side to determine the woman's current position in the steps.

The major theme of the 69 steps is relaxation and increasing sensitivity. It also focuses on reducing anxiety and increasing emotional closeness.

For you that believe in the 52 step approach, you should be warned that I disagree with that approach with all my heart. I believe that system is a bunch of hogwash. In my humble opinion, the teachings of the 52 Steps were developed by some ego-centric selfish man as a way of taking advantage of young women's ignorance. I stand opposed to the system and will fight it anyway that I can.

3 Golden Rules or "The Base Triad"

Some people will refer to these rules as "The Base Triad" primarily for the fact that these rules are generally placed at the base or bottom of the graphic model. No matter what name is given to these rules, they are essential to the process. Even though these rules seem very simple and basic, it is important that any student fully understands the rules. Therefore, I will give my explanation of each rule and describe how it fits with the whole process.
Without any further dialog, the three rules are as follows: 

Golden Rule Number 1.
Listen to her body

Our Society puts a lot of pressure around the event of sex. The movies and TV shows have turned a fun sharing time into a tense and sometimes even competitive time. Women sometimes feel like they are too slow. Or maybe, the woman want her lover to feel good about himself. Or maybe, a woman feels like she is excited as she is going to get. There a lot of reason that women feel pressured into using deception. These deceptions can even go as far as the faking of orgasms. Some women have become masters at pretending to be in the midst of passion. They can be very convincing.

This deception will destroy any attempts to progress through the steps. If I sense any anxiety or hint of deception in my partner, I try to assure her that above all, I want her to be honest with me. If I can't bring her to an orgasm, I would like for her to tell me. If I am the worst lover in the world, I have to know. I don't want some lady to try to make me think something different than reality. If I know that I am doing something wrong, I can improve it. But, if I do not know, I will keep doing what I am doing. This attitude can be very dangerous to one's ego. If you ask a woman what she thinks, be prepared to hear it. A lot of men can not handle the truth. However, it is critical to start from an honest base. If you don't know what a woman is really feeling, then it is difficult to proceed.

Now, here is where this golden rule becomes important. Stop the deception. Don't listen to a woman's words, moans and groans as a source of how excited she is. LISTEN TO HER BODY. She may be groaning and moaning like a sex manic and still be on step 6 or 7. It may be that she thinks that you want her to act this way. Since I have always been very honest with my partners, for me I find that this behavior is due to plain ignorance. They believe that this is all there is. No wonder, they feel that sex is overrated. They have seen how they are suppose to act from TV, and therefore believe that they can find bliss by doing the same moans and groans.

So this rule is critical: LISTEN TO HER BODY. A woman can fake a lot of things, but she has a much more difficult time affecting her physical state. Has her rate of breathing changed? Has her heart changed. Are the fine hair on her tummy lifted away from the skin? Is her labia enlarging with blood or is it normal size? These are the type of physical characteristics that the 69 Step Approach is based on. If you can't see the physical signs of the step that you think that you are on, then back up to the correct step and start again.

I will leave you with a little warning. It is not always easy to slow down a woman. If a beautiful woman thinks that she is hot and ready, then she can VERY convincing. And, if you are not attempting to maximize her pleasure, go for it. However, if you are trying to stay within the steps, you have to slow her down. When a woman breaks through step 30, she will understand how she just thought that she wanted it before. I have seen mild mannered women act like their life depending on getting it, LITERALLY. So if she thinks that she is hot at step 6, she will be uncontrollable at 30.

Golden Rule Number 2.
Make her the most special person in the world

This rule can easily be misunderstood. It is important to note that the rule does not read "Make her think" or "Act like she is". It says "MAKE HER THE MOST SPECIAL PERSON IN THE WORLD". Therefore, it does not suggest that you start to learn the cheap bar line or that you flood her with shallow flattery to try to trick her into giving you what you want. These techniques are those of the inexperienced or the scum life that walks our streets. Unfortunately these techniques are so widely used that women have to make judgments every day over when it is real and when it is fake. Don't ever give out false compliments. It will eventually destroy your creditability.

Instead, you need to totally believe with all of your body and soul that for this time and place, she is a goddess. She is a woman above all other women and deserves to be worshiped and adored. Her perspiration is the nectar of the gods. Her voice is the most wonderful sound in the world. Just listening to her creates a paradise where you could live forever.

This is not a lie. If you didn't think that she was wonderful, then you shouldn't be there. Now all you have to do is drop the logic and pick up the emotion. It is all in the mind. As you start down the road, you will feel yourself become more and more attracted to her AS A PERSON. You will become attracted to every piece of her. Let yourself become a slave to that beauty.

This Golden rule tends to blend with the 1st Principle. However, at the risk of repeating information, I will mention it here as well. When you are a slave to her beauty, you will love ever part of her equally. This means that you will love her finger tips as much as her breasts or butt. I have found women are different from men. A man can be happy if a woman goes right to his zipper and starts to work. Whereas a woman does not generally have the same reaction.

Women like to feel loved and respected as a person beyond their sexual value. One way of showing her that you feel this way is to spend some time early on stroking her arms, kissing her fingertips. In fact, I will generally ignore anything that she sees as even partially sexually for the first 30 minutes. I will rub her feet, or rub her back. Generally I can tell when a woman has crossed the line from where she needs respect to where she wants sex.

There are three things that this rule adds to the process on a regular basis. One, it helps the man get closer emotional. When you let yourself feel this adoration, it changes something inside of you. It makes you realize how special she really is to you beyond the size of her breasts.

Second, it makes a woman feel loved as a person. She will feel more comfortable with the setting. The more relaxed that she is the better she will proceed.

Third, every woman generally has something that they think make them less attractive. (something from childhood I guess) It is strange. Most times, I would never know it if they don't bring it up. However, if you are so head over heels with her that you think that her elbows are lovable, then you might not mind that she has ugly XXX (fill in the blank). The more relaxed the lady is with her body the more she can enjoy the experience.


Golden Rule Number 3.
Mental always comes before the Physical

This rule is the broadest of three. If the mind is not prepared, then the body will not be able to enjoy the night. The 5th Principle actually explains how a woman's mind can be conditioned to have even stronger sexual responses. Even with the lady's knowledge, the conditioning can help her to move through the lower steps faster. For here, I want to cover this subject in two broad areas.

First, if your lady's mind is full of work or upsetness, she will be very limited. I see some men that expect their ladies to be hot for them regardless of what the lady has on her mind. There are a lot of men that think this way. On the other hand, a dinner and a romantic moonlit stroll can relax and even distract a woman's mind to prepare her for the evening. These techniques give her mind some clues of what will happen. As her mind starts to prepare for the event, her body will start to prepare as well. If you don't believe it, test it out. Give your lady an evening then start the steps. On another night, surprise her. Which evening gave you the best results?

Second, old memories can take away current physical pleasure. If a lady has experienced sexual abuse or rape (even as a child), it can have very unpleasant effects on the current day. If you trigger some memory, it has to be dealt with to proceed. There is very little chance of moving through the steps without clearing the problem.


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