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the great mystery

It seems that women are always saying one thing, yet their actions contradict their words. It's the number one complaint men have when it comes to women. And understanding this phenomenon will help you gain an upper hand in the game of seduction.

Men have been trying to unravel a woman's mind for thousands of years now and still, to this day, we don't have much to show for all our research. Two things that we have been able to decipher is that jewelry is a good barter for oral sex and when she says "nothing's wrong," it really means that everything's wrong.

That's not much, right? With the failure to produce any significant results after so much pondering, one might wonder why we would even try to comprehend a woman's way of thinking.

But the reasoning behind the desire to discover what's going on in the opposite sex's head is very simple: He who understands the workings of a woman's mind will be freed from the harms that arise from interacting with them (such as intimidation, fear of rejection, miscommunication, guilt, and self-exploitation -- which derives from putting any woman on a pedestal).

victims of passion

Well after thousands of years, I have an explanation as to why it's so hard to understand women. It actually isn't that difficult really... You see, women are actually a lot more like men than we think -- with one exception.

Women are victims of their dominant hormone -- estrogen -- which makes them more emotional than rational beings, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The secret to understanding a woman's volatile behavior lies with the major factor that feeds her thoughts -- her emotions.

This can be illustrated by how differently a mother would react to her child's injury than would a father. For example, if a mother found her child injured on the ground, her first reaction would be to ask what happened, whereas a father's first reaction would be to get the child to the hospital.

Why the difference? Because a father's logical reaction is to get the child immediate medical attention and ask questions later. But a mother's emotions drive her to first seek an explanation for the injury.

But wait, women are more like us than you think... to be continued