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Thug Passion II

Second Five Principles of the 69 Steps

Principles 6 through 10 make up the second set of principles. These principles help support the Golden Rules and supply suggested guidelines for travelling through the 69 steps. Many of these principles are very broad. They could easily be the focus of an entire book. Here, I will only attempt to introduce the topics to you. If you find an area that you feel weak, please follow up with additional study.

Now on to Principles 6-10.

Principle Number 6.
Your Partner is always a GREAT Lover

This principle helps you stay loyal to the Golden Rule that says "Make her the most special person in the world". It is a good rule of life, but has a special meaning within the 69 steps.

A majority of the other sexual approaches allows the lady to reciprocate during love making. Usually there is a place for the woman to use her skills to make her lover feel good. However, at the same time that the woman makes her lover feel good, she is also building her self image and esteem as a woman.

The 69 steps does not allow this response. In fact, it is the exact opposite. The lady is expected to totally relax and concentrate only on her own pleasure. Any attempt that she makes to stimulate her male partner is seen as disruptive to the steps. Therefore, when a man takes a woman through the steps, a woman will automatically feel a certain level of insecurity. There may even be some guilt that she is not doing her share.

These thoughts and worries are counter productive. When you are taking her through the steps, you don't want her to be thinking about whether she is good enough or not. She shouldn't be thinking about whether she is enough of a woman for you. Even more concerning is that for her to worry about whether she is a good enough lover or not.

It is critical that you stop these feelings. You need to place her mind an ease and explain it all in very clear terms. This is not the time to be subtle or hints. You need to clearly and firmly but politely explain it to her. Be sure to explain that this is her night. Explain that you only want to make sure that she has fun.

Now here is where this principle is applied. Even with your explanation, she will need your reassurance that she is okay. If she has never been through the steps, then you will usually notice a tension. Her muscles will be tight. As she feels more excited, you will see her start to relax. She will start to drift into a foggy state, a world of pleasure. Then, it will be as if she catches herself and forces herself back into control. It is generally very obvious. She may shake her head to clear the cobwebs. Generally she will attempt to take a more active role in the kissing or touching. Here is where she will need you to reaffirm her.

Tell her how beautiful she is. Vocalize the things you find wonderful about her. Caress her and let her know that the only thing that you need from her is for her to relax and have a good time. Tell her how good she makes you feel just to be there with her.

Remember, at least in the early stages, you are taking away every tool she has of being a great lover. She is being asked to surrender everything. Make it a good thing.

Now some warnings. There should be no need to write this. However, I suspect that there is. Don't, no matter what the case, cut down her body or ability to make love. Don't even make a joke about any part of her body. Sometimes women that feel insecure about a part of their body (either their tits are too little or butt is too big) will attempt to cut themselves down. Sometimes it will be in a joke. Don't play the game. Jokes are often disgusted cutdowns or insults. Every word that you say; every action that you take should reinforce how wonderful that she is.

If you build up your lover and create confidence, you will be surprised at the results. She will grow and blossom into a lady that you could have never dreamed of. You will go far further with positive reinforcement than with any type of negative or punishment approach. As with all negative discussions, if there is something that must be handled, then handle it well away from the loving making (in both time and location).

Remember your partner is always a GREAT lover.

Principle 7.
Learn the art of kissing

The art of kissing is another one of those things that you are suppose to just know. It is something that is suppose to be natural to you on that first date. Unfortunately, there is no kissing gene in the human DNA structure. Kissing is an art like painting or writing. It must be studied and perfected, but come off as spontaneous and natural.

The main point of this principle is to understand that there is an art to kissing and that it plays a critical part in the early steps. It is difficult to explain in black and white. Further, there is no way that I can give the full details here. However, I will attempt to give the highlights.

1) Women tend to enjoy kissing a lot more than men. The vast majority of ladies that I have meet have always enjoy the kissing. Most feel that the man quits too soon. I challenge my male students to a test.

During the early steps, do not push past the kissing. Control yourself and act like that kissing is something that you could do all day. While you are doing this, how long does it take the lady to get bored? I have found that the answer is that most ladies do not get bored with it. They can go on and on and on.

Granted there are the exception. If you see a lady getting bored, move on. Don't frustrate her. However, on the other hand, give it a try. You may be the first guy in her life that is willing to take the time to kiss her until she is satisfied. And, if you are not in such a hurry to get past the kissing, you might find that you like it too. In fact, if you don't like, I would challenge you to learn to like it. This one principle can make you very popular.

2) Kissing is one of the most overlooked ways of getting a woman hot. This is especially true with French kisses. I have found over the year that there is a direct link between a deep french kiss and sexual arousal. I have heard it described as your kisses make me tingle all over. A broader description has been, "you make me feel so good when you kiss me like that".

These kisses are a hidden asset for you. Since they are considered "first base", they are generally easier to access early. Since they can have a direct effect on the pelvis sensory nerves, you can stimulate a woman in a much more sexual way through a "non-sexual" action.

3) Know your kisses. There are a lot more than one type of kiss in the world. Different kisses are good for different time. You can go anywhere from the chicken peck (which is virtually useless) to the deep throat french kiss. There are different variations through out. Learn them and experiment with them.

4) Kisses are associated with love. When you look at honeymooning couples, you will notice a lot of kissing. As the couple gets use to each other, it tends to drift away. There are a lot of wives out there that would like to go back when they were kissed and adored. They felt important and loved. If a man spends enough time kissing, it can affect a lot of other emotions.

5) A kiss is more than two lips touching. It is hard sometimes to remember to do two or three things at once. However, you will be surprise at the effectiveness of making the kiss more.

For example, while you kiss her, make sure that nothing but your lips touch. Was it a good kiss?

No, I did not think so. So there is more than two lips touching. Now kiss her and stroke her hair. Kiss her and hold her so that her body is melting with yours. Kiss her and rub her back ever so softly. Was it any better?

Let her enjoy the kiss. You will have to concentrate on what you are doing. Are you rubbing the small of her back? Is her head tilted at the right angle to make her comfortable? Are you holding her close so that your bodies are together? What are your hands doing (or they productive)? What are your lips doing? What is your tongue doing? Where are your arms and legs relative to her? Use everything that you have.

From her point of view, she should feel like she can let go and not think about anything. She doesn't have to worry about any of the movement. She should be able to soak up the caresses and touches. She should be able to feel loved and cared about. For her, it was magic. It just happened.

It does takes time to learn to keep several things going at once. It also moves you out of the mood. However, this is her night anyway right? Focus and make sure that all the pieces are there.

5) Be flexible. There are some women that want nothing more than to be held tight and told that everything will be okay. They will enjoy the full body hugs and the feel of arms around them in such a way that they feel safe. There are other women that feel trapped and will feel suffocated. (a sign of a different issue). If you start with one approach and you see a roadblock or it is not working, you need to be flexible to switch tactics.

The bottom line for this principle is that kissing is not automatic. You have decide which type of kiss to use at the right time. You have to decide what other physical contact to make at the time of the kiss to make it great. Your objective is to read all the signs and give her a kiss that will knock her socks off. The vast majority of these kisses are not from love at first sight. The majority of these kisses are from men that read the signs and do the right things at the right time.

Don't underestimate the power of kiss. Learn the art of kissing. Understand how it all works together.


Principle Number 8.
Enjoy the foreplay

This is a simple principle that is very straight forward. It can be restated as foreplay is something to be enjoyed and not rushed through. Granted, it is a required step. However, it is full of pleasures and excitement. Foreplay is a time when you can savor the moment. You can enjoy the small things.

Part of the training for a student of the 69 steps is to avoid sexual intercourse for six months. During this time, the student can do anything he wants to seek and give pleasure but intercourse. I am not going to lie to you. If it not easy to refuse intercourse when the sexual feelings are high, and lady is ready. However, a student must have high levels of self control and discipline. (To be discussed later)

The bottom line of this principle is the lady will know when you attempt to rush through foreplay. They will know it if you are not having fun. They will react to it by trying to rush themselves, feel bad about themselves, or show you what you want to see (fake it).

If you follow this principle, you will gain in at least two areas. You will learn more about the woman's body because you will take the time to know it. Where is she ticklish? Does she have any birthmarks? Does she have any moles? You should know her body inside and out. The second area is that you and the lady will have more fun if you don't rush through this stage.

Relax and enjoy the foreplay.

Principle Number 9.
Remember the scent

To be continued

Principle Number 10.
Listen to her fantasies and desires.

To be continued.