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Funny Valentine

can u hold me...

welcome to tantra

What is Tantra? Tantra entails the ability to have total surrender. Let go of all mental, emotional and cultural conditioning, so that universal life energy can flow through your body without any effort.

Warren Farrell, the author of Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say, conducted an interesting study that pointed out that "men are socialized to want sex as long as one condition is fulfilled -- physical attraction. Women are still taught to be sexually cautious until two, three or all four conditions -- attraction, respect, emotions, and intellect -- are met. Many women add fifth and a sixth conditions -- singleness, status/success and many add a seventh, eight and ninth: the man must ask her out; he must pay; and he must risk rejection by initiating the first kiss, being the first to hold hands, and so on. Men feel as if their expectations are so much lower than women's -- there is only one condition -- and they can't even meet that. And so men feel sexually powerless."

Therefore, whilst men continuously focus on physical attraction and outward prizes, things like communication, intimacy, love, and commitment remain unfulfilled. And we all know that a lack of sexual fulfillment ultimately results in powerlessness for both sexes.

Tantra's objective is to help you stop looking at sex as though it only involves a penis and vagina, and start feeling from within. Once you're able to make it a total body experience, you'll wonder why no one ever informed you about this before.

Here's what you have to do... 

recover you sexual supremacy

First off, you need to find the key to your true erotic self. Sounds like mumbo jumbo? Well, this connection I'm referring to will help you learn to stop placing so much emphasis on your penis and focus instead on your entire being.

This connection should not be exclusively limited to the pleasure of the senses. The highest Tantric exploration occurs when sex is used as a means to know who you are. Trust me, if you get to know yourself, pleasing your woman will no longer be an issue because it will occur naturally.

Second, you need to develop a whole new relationship with your penis. No, I don't mean renaming him and choking him more often. Because guys usually masturbate in a very mechanical way (with speed and force), this leads to the loss of endearment toward more subtle and soft sensations.

If your sexual experiences have been limited strictly to your genital area, then it's going to take a lot of practice if you want to reach multiples. But as well, keep in mind that that shouldn't be your ultimate goal. If you focus just on that, then you're missing the point of Tantric sex altogether.

orgasm without ejaculation

I know you're used to associating orgasm with ejaculation. And maybe lovemaking has become a performance and race to orgasm. But the last thing that sex should be is a routine to release tension.

Separate parts of the nervous system activate orgasm and ejaculation. Yes, they usually occur simultaneously, but they can both be experienced independent of each other. For men, this can mean that prolonged and multiple orgasms are very possible without ejaculation (finally!).

With Tantra, men will have the ability to maintain a very heightened level of arousal with frequent climaxes and pleasures unmatched.

how can I reach multiples?

Here are a few things that will get you started, but remember that it will take lots of practice before you are truly able to reach your desired acme.

Breathe slow and deep through the mouth to energize your body
Practice movement exercises (like meditation)
Massage your partner thoroughly
Practice holding in your ejaculate for as long as possible
Remain calm during all sensual sessions
Get to know your own body parts
Focus more on eroticism
Be verbal, talk to your partner
Remain relaxed and calm throughout
Think about what's going on inside your body, and the way your heart, mind, spirit, and body feel.

It's obvious that men who can reach multi-orgasmic states are more emotionally intimate with their women and have an easier time reaching conscious sexual bliss. When a man finally discovers his capacity to relax into states of pleasure, it can take him to new levels that will be understood through direct experience.

We have only scratched the surface of multi-orgasmic sensations for men. If you are one of the lucky few who has reached multiple orgasm, let me know by e-mailing me at