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A Taste of Henderson

Foreplay and Afterplay

What is Foreplay? What is Afterplay? There are libraries full of people that will give you a dozen different definitions. I am not going to try to compete with those definitions by attempting to prove that my definition is any better than anyone else's. I feel that it is adequate to say that foreplay is the activity that occurs before the intercourse begins.


The main point is that foreplay is critical to sexual success. In unromantic terms, the foreplay is the sales pitch. It is the courting and seducing part of the game. A lot of men are fairly good at this part when they are dating. However, after years of marriage, they get tired and want to jump right to the action. The steps allocates an easy two hours to this stage. This is the time period where your partner should be adored and worshiped. This is where you show her how much you love her.


The afterplay portion is just as critical as the foreplay. I am amazed that this area is ignored as much as it is by the public presses. If you do a fantastic job with the foreplay area, and you are a Romeo during the main course, don't brag yet. You are not finished. If you stand up and go take a shower, you have lost more than you will ever know. Follow Through!!!

Without a proper afterplay, your partner can easily feel used. She can feel seduced and tricked. She can feel used and tossed like a two dollar wh*re. I have seen wives in long marriages that feel this way on a regular basis. They don't know why. They just feel let down in the end.

The answer is simple: afterplay. In unromantic terms, afterplay is the "after the sale" reinforcement. Think about it in terms of being a salesman. A client purchases a product for $50,000. If you grab the commission and run, you may lose everything that you have worked. If the client takes it home and regrets their decision, they will bring it back. There goes your commission. Another alternative is that they started to feel cheated or tricked. They may decide to never buy from you again. Now, you will lose years of commissions. Either way, you lose. So a good salesman will follow up after the sale. He will call the client to be sure they are happy. He will make sure there are no unexpecting issues or upsetness with the product. Some companies send reinforcement material in the packaging such as "Congratulations on your purchase of the wonderful...". A good salesman wants the purchaser to feel good about their purchase.

In a lot of ways, you want your partner to feel the same way. Whether you just meet her or you have been married to them for years, do the "after the sales" reinforcement.

Afterplay is very simple. It basically an overview of the foreplay phase. Hold and cuddle her. As you did in the foreplay, kiss and massage her NON-SEXUAL areas. Kiss her finger tips, her hands, elbows and shoulder. Kiss her back. Do it in a slow and unhurried manner. Show her that she is worth the time. When you give her the non-sexual attention, it will generally trigger a response in your partner. They know that men want to make love to them and will say or do anything to accomplish this objective. However, if a man shows affection when he has nothing to gain then he must love her. It makes her feel better about her decision. It gives her the "after the sale" reinforcement that she made the right decision.

Now, I hope that you don't have to pretend that you love her. However, even if you do love her, you may not want to show it at this time. You have just used a large amount of energy. You are tired and want to rest. Yet, it is critical that you give her some form of afterplay. It does not take long. And it will make it much easier the next time.

This has been a very general article. I hope that it helps. Remember the Golden Rule #2: Make her the most special person in the world.

And, if she is really special then be sure to give her the time and affection that she needs in the beginning and in the end.

A Taste of Henderson