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It's the lil' things that counts...

Men are often thought of as insensitive and careless in relationships, never giving attention to minor details. The problem is that we don't realize that sometimes, taking time for the little things can help in big ways.

take time to care

After getting to know the woman, being in a relationship means that you have to put more care into your woman's feelings and expectations. I'm not saying you should wait on your lady hand and foot, but pay attention.

The problem is that many men don't put forth the effort to do meaningful little acts of compassion. Although we assume the bigger picture is worth more than the sum of all its parts -- and with reason -- an unannounced act will always score big points in the relationship book.

So whether you're with her, or away from her, there's always a little something that can be done to show you care.

when you're with her

Hold her hand
As mundane as it may seem, holding hands means a lot to women. The fact that you're telling the world the two of you are together, is a big turn-on for them.

Pay her a compliment
Telling her you love her new dress and new shade of lipstick is great and implies that you notice the little changes she makes to look good, which incidentally are done for you.

Say something original
If you spend your time apart but are thinking of each other, tell her something like "I miss the way your perfume smells when you get close to me." It will not only put a smile on her face but will also encourage her to please you in an original way.

Be chivalrous
Chivalry is far from being a dead art, and women still love it. Open her car door, place her chair at the restaurant and offer your jacket if she's cold. Whatever you do, she'll appreciate it greatly and return the favor tenfold.

Learn to do something for her
Women often think of men as being independent and self-serving, but learning to cook for her, knowing that you are the bipolar example of Wolfgang Puck, will get you much loving. Prepare a dinner.

Invite her out with your friends
Although you can still have time alone with your buddies, inviting her to a night out with the boys will mean a lot. Be sure to ask her to come, and not simply give in to her pressure tactics to include her in your plans.

Contemplate her beauty
It might seem weird to her, but show her and tell her that you love to look at and appreciate her eyes, lips, neck, and hair.

Take a trip together
Okay, so this one doesn't really count as a little thing, but it will put stars in her eyes when she discovers that you've planned a getaway. Don't forget to bring some honey and candles for late-night entertainment.

What can you do to score points when you're away from her?

when you're away from her

Call or e-mail for no reason
Picking up the phone in the middle of the day just to see how her day is going will work wonders. Even sending her a witty e-mail, filled with inside lingo, is sure to brighten her day and put a smile on her face. But remember, use this sparingly.

Send her love coupons
Women love receiving gifts, especially at work. So why not send her some voucher TLC coupons redeemable that same night? This gift is discreet enough that inquiring colleagues will wonder what has sent her into a daydream state.

Leave her a note
If you live together, what better way to start the day than by leaving her a love note on the bathroom mirror before you leave for work? She will love beautifying herself to a personalized note from her very own Prince Charming. You can even prepare her lunch and leave a personal tag with big kisses.

Plan an evening
Women appreciate men that take initiative and get things done, and planning an evening from scratch will work wonders. Have a cab or limo (depending on your budget) pick her up at work and bring her to a restaurant, where you will be waiting with a bottle of her favorite wine. Consider this is an intro to an evening that should conclude on a bed, with a pile of clothes next to it.

Show up unannounced
Remaining spontaneous is key in keeping things going strong for a couple, and showing up at her workplace for lunch is a great example. Just make sure she's not too busy and actually has time to break bread with you. She'll owe you one.

Send her flowers or chocolate
As cliché as it may sound, sending her a little something still works miracles. Whether it's a love coupon as mentioned above, or the typical flowers and chocolate, it's the thought that counts.

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So you see, there's no need to wait for a screw-up to start doing something nice for your love. Furthermore, these little acts of passion will buy you some forgiveness for future mishaps. Hey, never hurts to plan for those.