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69 Wayz II

FYI...How to Create A Love Coupon Book.

Love coupons are fun, inexpensive, easy to make, and just as much fun to give as to receive! You can be as creative or simple as you desire, and still have a
wonderful gift to give to each other. For more ideas read on...

Love coupon books are a perfect birthday, anniversary or special occasion
present. Or you can give one just because! If you are considering creating your
own love coupon consider these tips.

* Make a series of theme coupon books. For example, during summer create coupons that are perfect for that season. Or, if your partner especially enjoys a certain thing like sports or relaxing, create coupons good for those things.
* Coupons should be something you will enjoy doing for your partner. Don't create one that you won't fulfill.
* Think about your partner's desires when creating your coupons. If they work a lot, give them coupons that will give them time to relax.
* Have fun with your coupons. Some of the best coupons involve fun, spontaneous acts such as, 2 minutes of tickling or 3 rounds of thumb wrestling. This not only gives your partner ideas of ways to spend time with you, but shows how easy it is to be romantic and in love.
* Presentation is everything. The more quality time you spend on this activity the better your results will be. 
* Laminating your coupons will keep them in an excellent condition so you can continue to use them. A perfect example of this is when your partner redeems their coupon, you then get to give it to them to redeem at a later date.

Ideas for coupons...

* One free car wash
* A romantic dinner for two
* A chocolate splurge
* A 5 minute, knock-you-off-your-feet kiss
* A night of stargazing
* One hour of uninterrupted free time
* 30 minutes of cuddles
* A movie date to any movie of your choice
* A romantic candlelit bath for two
* A night of romantic pampering
* A weekend getaway
* A free wish
* A quickie
* A romantic rendezvous of your choice
* A night at home of kissin' and lovin'
* A romantic picnic for two anytime, anywhere
* An afternoon of getting to know each other again
* A day of games and fun
* An intimate fantasy
* A session of truth or dare
* One evening of dancing
* Shower for two
* A one hour massage
* Dessert for two
* Breakfast in bed
* An evening of uninterrupted conversation
* One escorted date to a restaurant of your choice
* One big bear hug
* One evening treated like royalty
* 24 hours of no arguments - no matter what!
* Champagne in bed...
* One kiss and make-up session
* Personal servant for one day
* One late night craving delivered
* Your choice of one household chore completed
* One bedtime story
* One breakfast date
* One coffee break
* One revealing fact: My biggest dream
* One revealing fact: What I love most about you
* One revealing fact: My deepest desire
* One cultural event
* One evening listening to romantic music
* One shopping spree
* One body painting session
* One morning of rest
* One semi-formal date
* One night out on the town
* One picnic in the park
* One get out of the doghouse free
* Free access to the remote for one night
* One evening out with the guys/girls
* One perfect date
* A hotel room with room service