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Did ya know???


Agriculture is one of the most essential facets of life, for it is this discipline that provides humans with food. Chicken is probably one of the most consumed meats in the world. Chickens are bread because of the demand of the world's rising population. This process was greatly enhanced and made more efficient by the efforts of a Black scientist by the name of Granville T. Woods who invented the Chicken incubator.

Many elderly people suffer from arthritis. Perhaps you have heard of the anti- inflammatory drug called cortisone. Imagine how life would be for arthritis sufferers if they didn't have any medication to relieve their pain. Cortisone was first developed by a Black physician by the name of Dr. Percy Julian. He along with others is a perfect example of a great Black American legend.

It is a fact that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but what would it be without the invention of Mr. Louis Latimer, who invented the carbon filament which produces the light.

Open heart surgery is a major surgery for heart condition sufferers. The first successful open heart surgery was performed by a Black surgeon by the name of Dr.Daniel Hale Williams at Chicago's Provident Hospital (one of the nation's most thriving predominatly Black hospitals at the time.)

The hand stamp is a wooden device containing type letters formed in rubber and inked. It is used to indicate genuineness, approval or ownership. Prior ito its invention, people who had to sign documents all day often suffered from writer's cramp. Who invented the hand stamp? W.B. Purvis.

The first Black astronaut to travel in space was Lt. Col.Guion Stewart Bluford, Jr.. He and six other astronauts began a six-day flight on the space shuttle Challenger.

Who is the current executive of the National Association of Colored People (NAACP)? Former Baltimore councilman and Maryland congressman Kweisi Mfume.

Who founded the NAACP? W.E.B DuBois and Booker T. Washington.

Benjamin Oliver Davis, Sr. commanding officer of Harlem's 369th Coast Artillery (National Guard), became the nation's first Black general when he commanded a brigade artillery unit at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

Vaddrick Parker, a brutha, went from 1st grade though 12th grade without missing a single day. More importantly he graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA. The first step to becoming successful in school is to attend school!!

Who previously held down the position as U.S. Surgeon General, but now is the prexy of Spellman College??Dr. Audrey F. Manley.

The number of Black students attending college are increasing. Black enrollment increased form 8.8 percent in 1984 to 10.1 percent in 1994. The percentage of Blacks who received doctorates in education and theology were nearly double the percentage of Whites. Law and medicine attracted a higher proportion of Blacks than any other race.

A recent study by Perdue University found that children's literature lacks interracial interaction. After examining 2400 children's books published since 1937, the study found that only 15% percent (360 books) depicted one or more Black characters.

Black women burn calories slower than White women. Studies show that Black women burn 1638 calories, while White women burn 1731 calories.

Actor Desi Arnaz Giles has become the first actor to display a Black Jesus in the play "The Passion Play". Naturally Union City, N.J. couldn't handle it. The Performing Arts Center there recieved offensive and profane phone calls, such as "when is the white actor playing. I don't want to see that Black thing." The actor even received death threats. When will we ever get along?

According to the African American Education Data Book, studies show that Black women are earning more college degrees than Black men. Women earning bachelor's degrees increased 55%, men 20%. Women earning first professional degrees such as law and medicine, increased 219%!!, men increased 5%. Women earning master's degrees increased 5%, while men decreased 10%. As a whole this is good, but there has to be a better balance. Let's get it together bruthas!!!

Monica graduated valedictorian from Atlanta Country Day School. During her high school years, she spent three of those years recording or promoting her platinum LP, Miss Thang. What was her cumulative GPA? 4.0!!!

Who was the first Black to ever the Miss America pagent? Vanessa Williams.

Tyrenda Jerona Williams, was named the 1997 winner of the America's Junior Miss Pageant. She's the first Black ever to win America's Junior Miss Pageant.

Can you guess who is the only Black to quaterback his team to the NFL Super Bowl? Doug Williams led the 1989 Washington Redskins to the Super Bowl title.