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The Tree of Pleasure (trunk)

The traditional graphical model shows a single column that rises from the Base Triad. This column was usually displayed as a miniature Greek Column. However, I do not believe that the traditional model correctly represents the meaning of the center piece of the model. I propose that the central piece should actually be represented as a tree, The Tree of Pleasure. This tree is rooted deeply in the Golden Rules, but turns skyward and spreads it 69 branches (representing the steps). Regardless of whether it is represented as the "Tree Trunk" or "The Column", the central piece represents the same thing, knowledge.

Have you ever watched a craftsman work? A craftsman knows his material. He knows the different types of wood by sight. He knows how maple will react differently from oak. He has spent a large part of his career learning how the material can be shaped and formed into a beautiful piece of work.

Why should the Art Of Love Making be any different? According to the 69 Steps Approach, there is no different. A craftsman is a craftsman. If you want to be a master at something, you have to study your medium. Therefore, the Tree Trunk represent the fact that every student of the 69 Steps should be a student of the female anatomy. It reminds us that without this knowledge, the 69 branches can never grow.

Think about it? Why is the inner side of thigh of a lady more likely to excite her than the outer thigh? What parts of the female body become engorged with blood when excited? Where are the erogenous zones that can be used to excite her? What is the typical sexual life cycle of a woman and how does it differ from that of a man? All of these questions are simple for a true student.

Do you know why he can tell you about all the important nerves? Do you know why he knows that spot on your back that makes you feel so good? He can tell you because he has studied. He did not stop his education with the stories in the bathroom or in the back seat of a Ford. As unromantic as it may seem, he learned how a female body works from reading books in the library or bookstore.

It is important to realize that Making Love is not something that just comes to you. It is not something that you are born with. Nor is it something that just comes to you on your wedding night? It is knowledge that is learned and researched.

A master of the 69 steps will have paid the price. He will have spent hours of reading and learning. However, he will probably know a woman's body better than she will know it herself. He will be able to play it as a concert pianist does his piano. He will be able to make her body dance. A lot of this comes from experience and understanding the 69 steps, but it all begins with the trunk of the Tree of Pleasure (KNOWLEDGE)